There's Never Been a Better Time Than Now to Become an ActionCOACH

Join our growing team and make a difference in the Canadian economy. Become a leader in your economy by joining the world's largest and most reputable business coaching franchise.

ActionCOACH Franchise Information

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ActionCOACH Canada: Canada’s first franchise that guarantees six-figure revenues:

As part of the world’s largest business coaching franchise, with over 25 years’ experience and tens of thousands of happy business owners coached by our system, we’re now expanding across Canada looking for strong entrepreneurs and leaders to run their own Business Coaching Firms.

Since 1993, ActionCOACH has been recognized as the Number 1 Business Coaching Franchise in the World because:

  • We're the ONLY Canadian franchise of any type that offers a revenue guarantee.
  • 2020 Average Firm Franchise Gross Billings for the year was $240,919 (request Franchise Disclosure Document for additional details).
  • Our business model allows for unlimited scale and growth, as well as the ability to be an absentee owner, if desired.

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ActionCOACH Franchise Information

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Today, more than ever before, the world needs people who love what they do.

It’s time to make the most of your future, do work on your own terms. ActionCOACH gives you the opportunity to build a professional services Business Coaching Firm which operates in exclusive territory or territories, with unlimited growth potential or your can choose to start a single practice. Either way, you will build a business that not only serves your personal needs, it will give back to the community you love.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary. We make business ownership simple, affordable and attainable.

Invest in the Booming Business Coaching Industry

Leverage your passion and experience building businesses to invest in and build a Business Coaching Firm employing dozens of business coaches and serving hundreds or even thousands of clients in your local community. 

Become an Business Coach Yourself

Leverage your desire to help others and become a business coach with the world’s best.  Either as a self-employed coach owning one of our Practice franchises or as an employee business coach working for one of our Firm Owners.

ActionCOACH can help you build a business coaching quickly with our ready-made business franchise We train you, support you and provide you strategies, processes, systems and collateral that has been proven and tested for more than 27 years.

You can own a business on your own, but you will never be alone as a member of a community of nearly 1,000 like-minded peers ready to support you at every turn.

With all the complications the COVID 19 pandemic has put on small business, those owners need advocates, counselors and professional who can help them salvage their dreams and continue to thrive.  Business coaching services have never been in more demand and you can start your own business while giving back to segment of the economy that needs you so desperately.

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Start Your Own Business Coaching Franchise

The time to take action is NOW.

ActionCOACH Canada is part of the world's number one business coaching franchise, with offices in over 80 countries.

7 Reasons Why You Should Become an ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH has been developing business coaching franchise owners for more than two decades. We have 7 Reasons why owning your own franchise is the best way to get into business today.  

If you are a business owner who has been in the market for a coach or if you have been looking for a franchise opportunity, you might not have come across the ActionCOACH brand until now. Unlike other B2B service franchises, ActionCOACH relies on word-of-mouth and client referrals to grow. ActionCOACH doesn’t rely on mass media advertising and big expensive brand exposure campaigns. Instead ActionCOACH invests in its franchise partners by creating new products and services that our franchises can leverage to grow their business.

#1 - Be Your Own Boss
#2 - Training & Support
#3 - Systems
#4 - Learning
#5 - Lower Cost
#6 - The Team
#7 - Build Your Own Asset

Running your own ActionCOACH Franchise



Here are some information through text, images and videos, along with additional research and resources to help you make the most informed decision you can about becoming an ActionCOACH. The ActionCOACH Franchise Partners we recruit must be secure and confident in their decision to join our community and the details provided here will greatly assist you with making that decision.  


Why ActionCOACH?


Listen to the reasons why our Franchise Partners chose ActionCOACH. We are a global organization with coaches in more than 80 countries.

What's our History?


With 26 years of business coaching experience, ActionCOACH has a history like no other global franchise in this market.

What's our Mission and Vision?


Brad talks about the vision which lead to ActionCOACH's growth, success, and most importantly massive impact on the world.

What's our Culture?


Brad Sugars breaks down the 14 Points of Culture that ActionCOACH lives by everyday to our internal team and especially our clients.


How do I get Clients?

At ActionCOACH we use a structured approach to Marketing & Sales process for attracting Clients for Coaches. The purpose of the process is to get a Prospect to attend a Six Steps To Grow Your Business Seminar. On average about 70% of those attending apply for a Business Diagnostic Session (DIAG). And 30-40% of those sessions result in a paid new Coaching Client. This proven system for generating new Coaching Clients is the heart of our marketing process. If you'd like to watch this Seminar, see our Founder Brad Sugars present it on video by clicking here. We generate leads for these seminars by using a structured marketing approach: our 13 Step Marketing System. The 13 Steps Process has been tested & measured worldwide and proven to be one of the most effective ways of attracting Clients.

Watch the Brad Sugars Webinar

How do I guarantee results?


We guarantee to get results, and that Clients will be able to “Find our Fee” in their business within 17-weeks of ActionCOACH coaching their company, or their coaching is FREE. Our coaching programs and strategies have been tested and proven all over the world, so when Clients hire an ActionCOACH, they WILL get results.

CLICK HERE for ActionCOACH 7-Point Guarantee


Why wouldn't I do this on my own?

ActionCOACH has a world class culture and extensive systems to ensure that our Business Coaches can get results with any business that qualifies to become a Client. Note, not all business owners are ready to grow their business. Not all are ready to put the time and money in. But for those that are ready, one of the reasons we’re the largest business coaching franchise in the world is that we get results. The fastest way to see the depth and breadth of these systems is with what we call an ActionCOACH Toolbox Tour. It’s free, and takes about 90 minutes. If you progress to the next Stage, we’ll send you details on how to book your Tour.


Why the "Firm" Franchise Model?

At ActionCOACH Canada we have decided that the best way to build a coaching business is NOT by buying yourself a job. We believe it’s better for you if you build a coaching practice that ultimately works with or without you. We call that a FIRM. Think of a Law Firm, or an Accounting Firm. The powerful, successful firms have multiple practitioners. They have a team. They scale, build margin, have more life for the owners, and more profits for all. That’s our model in each of the main Urban Markets, and it includes exclusive territories. Because we want you to be able to build equity in the process. So, if you decide to sell one day, you can exit for multiples of what you’re earning.


How do I hire coaches?

One of the biggest keys to a Firm Franchise getting great results is hiring what we call Employed Business Coaches (or EBCs). Our proven system has worked to hire hundreds of these EBCs. We have extensive training on how to find these candidates and screen them to ensure they're a good fit. As a Firm Franchise Owner in Canada, you get to employ as many EBCs as you wish. We don't set a limit. This creates an incentive to scale this crucial part of your business.


What about the revenue guarantee?

Our guarantee for a Firm franchise is simple: If you follow the ActionCOACH System (that we'll teach you), we guarantee you will earn your franchisee fee in revenues over the first 24 months or you will have your Franchise Fee returned. Some restrictions apply and full details are included in our Franchise Disclosure Document. 

A Day in the Life of an ActionCOACH

Here are testimonials and information on why becoming an ActionCOACH Franchise Owner can be one of the most rewarding parts of an individual's career and why it's never been a better time to become an ActionCOACH