What Does a Business Coach Do?

One of the first things an ActionCOACH Business Coach will do with your business is establish a baseline metric of where you are … as well as some goals for where you want to be.

Once we have established where your business is, we are able to go back and look through our systems and determine which of those would be the most appropriate to implement in increasing the profitability of that particular business type.

Once we have established that your business can be profitable, we move on to our secondary goal, which is to teach the business owner the difference between working on their business and working in their business.

Did you know that small business owners can spend 60 hours or more per week just trying to keep their business alive?

Most often, what we find is that they are working on the wrong aspects and end up spinning in a relentless circle until the business finally folds in on top of them.

Our goal is to help them in working on growing their business instead of concentrating on the technical issues, which are usually counterproductive to growth.

Throughout the business coaching process, we will spend about an hour each week with the business owner helping them stay focused on their goals, testing and measuring results, assisting them with potential obstacles for growth, systems implementation, etc.

We also hold our clients accountable for reaching the goals that we set together, and work diligently to help them achieve great results.

Our ultimate goal is to teach the self-employed how to become successful business owners – in a commercial, profitable enterprise that will work without the owner being physically present in the business.

That way, even if you still want to work in your business, our model will allow for a time when you want to leave your business to travel or take time off … not only for days, but weeks at a time.

If that sounds like an great new way to look at your company and work in your business, simply contact an ActionCOACH Business Coach in your area today.

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